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Online Training & Testing

On-line training and testing program is designed to meet the regulatory training needs of lenders nationwide. Our comprehensive training program allows you to control who gets trained, how often they get trained (by regulation) and reports the results to management.

Imagine if you could have all regulatory training accessible in one location from anywhere in the world, and all compliance training is delivered with the same consistent high quality. No longer will that be the responsibility of the trainer and no longer will it depend on the quality of the trainer.

Unsure as to the level of retention or comprehension of the test taker?  We’ve integrated scenario-based testing within each training module to ensure training is retained. Every test taker must receive a passing grade, or they’ll be required to retake the training and be retested.

Need to report on who took specific tests, when the tests were taken, and what grades were received? These management reports can be produced immediately.

Who manages the testing calendar? You do from within the application! You define the frequency of training (by regulation) and each employees training category.

Is the training comprehensive? Absolutely.

The following is a partial list of regulations available for training and testing:

  • ACH Returns Oversight Procedures
  • AML/BSA Procedures
  • Bankruptcy Notification Procedures
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Procedures
  • Call Frequency Procedures
  • Change Management Procedures
  • Clean Desk Procedures
  • Collection Practices (FDCPA) Procedures
  • Compliance Monitoring Procedures
  • Compliance Program Procedures
  • Compliance Training Procedures
  • Consumer Complaint Handling Procedures
  • Customer Contact (TCPA, CAN-SPAN) Procedures
  • Customer Fairness (UDAAP) Procedures
  • Customer ID Program (CIP) Procedures
  • Data Security Procedures
  • EFTA and Reg E Procedures
  • Fair Lending (ECOA) Procedures
  • Fair Credit Reporting (FCRA and FACTA) Procedures
  • Lead Generation Procedures
  • Marketing and Advertising Procedures
  • Notice of Data Breach of NPI Procedures
  • OFAC Procedures
  • Payment Processing Procedures
  • Privacy Notice (GLBA) Procedures
  • Record Retention and Destruction Procedures
  • Red Flag Identity Theft Procedures
  • SCRA-MLA Procedures
  • Service Provider Oversight Procedures
  • Telemarketing Sales Rule Procedures
  • TILA Procedures
  • Underwriting Procedures
  • And More……………

What are the Benefits of the KMS?

  • Reduced trainer costs
  • Increased employee productivity by reducing training time
  • Consistency in the quality of training
  • Improved knowledge retention through real time tests
  • Quantify employee’s knowledge of training modules
  • Testing results are available immediately
  • Timely communication of changes in policies and procedures
  • Integrate your own internal training
  • Ability to evidence compliance training for regulator

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